Center for the regulation of body weight and eating disorders

Center for the regulation of body weight and eating disorders

The need for establishing this kind of center arose on the basis of many years of experience.

Under and overweight are not only aesthetic but also a huge health problem for this reason it requires a multidisciplinary approach, given the fact that obesity is closely associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone and joint system and malignant diseases.
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The modern way of life based on long-term all-day sitting, lack of physical activity and intake of fast and unhealthy food, mostly results in overweight or obesity, which in turn causes additional decrease in physical activity, thereby closing the vicious circle.

On the other hand, the idealization of thinness imposed from the fashion and film, significantly changing dietary habits, especially at young women. Unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders such as restrictive diet, overeating and use of harmful ways of weight control (such as vomiting), represents a major health problem today.
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Our team consists of experts from different specialties and each one in its domain contributes to quality diagnosis and treatment of people with problems of body weight.

Team for the regulation of body weight and eating disorders consists of:

  • Endocrinologist, dr Dragana Ilic
  • Psychologist, Suzana Lalović Zekic
  • Nutritionist, Nadja Mrvaljevic

Our team professionally, multidisciplinary and with team work suggest solutions for the regulation of body weight.

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