Confidence in a woman’s reproductive health is complete and reliable only when all areas on which it depends are covered. Alongside Gynecology and Endocrinology, Radiology is high on the list, first and foremost when it comes to identifying changes in the breasts.

In our clinic, it is possible in one exam to:

  • Perform abdominal ultrasound
  • Expert ultrasound examination of the breast (on the last generation ultrasound machine)
  • Mammography using the same mammograph machine as the major world centers.

The use of this equipment is the safest (the least radiation), the most precise (revealing every last detail) and the most reliable recording.


Mammography is the most sensitive diagnostic method for the early detection of breast cancer and it is very important for women older than 40 years and those with larger breasts. This method is known as the gold standard in the diagnosis of breast disease and is the only method that has the potential to detect cancer in its very beginning.

Screening mammograms are performed on the most contemporary appliances, and includes both breasts. The examination takes only a few minutes.