About clinic

About clinic

The idea of the Special Hospital for Gynecology "Perinatal" has existed since 1994, when it was established, as a gynecological clinic providing services in the field of conservative and adolescent gynecology, family planning, counseling, but also in the field of contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy monitoring, genetic screening and screening fetal anomalies, genital tract malignancies (PAPA, colposcopy, target biopsy, explorative curettage) and concern for the preservation of fertility of women.

Since 1997, we started treating infertility, in the first moment, in cooperation with international centers, and improving diagnostic equipment and its own capacities. In year 2003, with introduction of modern equipment, such as the first ultrasound 3D / 4D technology in Serbia, Perinatal, in our region, was turning a new page in the diagnosis of fetal anomalies and anomalies of the reproductive organs of women with a significant improvement of the process of IVF (in vitro fertilization). By increasing the number of patients, hiring specialists in the field of internal medicine, dermatology, radiology and urology,in that same year (2003), our gynecological clinic grew into a clinic with a multidisciplinary, conservative, operative and consultative work and program of artificial insemination (natural cycles). With equipment, premises or training of our experts, closely monitoring the development of technology, we provide patients with early and reliable detection of fetal abnormalities, precancerous changes of the cervix, endometrium, ovary and breast, hysterosalinoscopy and hysteroscopy in determining the causes of infertility, pediatric gynecology with vaginoscopes, and we create new, healthy lives.

With the application of legal regulations, but above all in order to continue the successful program of in vitro fertilization, we have established the Special Hospital for Gynecology "Perinatal" in 2008, with the previous law established contents for this type of institution. With passing exams in Amsterdam, our embryologist have become one of the pioneers of European validation in our region, which gives the requirements for full activity of the hospital to assisted reproduction programs.

Today, the healthcare facility "Perinatal" has two separate but related entities, the Special Hospital for Gynecology, IVF laboratory with decades of experience, Center for treatment of infertility including all methods of assisted fertilization, ie. IVF and IUI, IVF, ICSI, TESA IVF with cryopreservation of embryos and OR’s for different kinds of intervention, and Diagnostic clinic with curative and preventive activities, equipped with modern ultrasound, mammography (Hologic - only the highest quality apparatus in a private clinic in Serbia) and laboratory devices.

Team of doctors gathered in Perinatal are specialists and sub-specialists in the field of gynecology (gynecologist-oncologist, subspecialists for fertility, subspecialists for adolescent gynecology, obstetrician), internal medicine (consultative hormonal treatment disbalance), embryology, radiology (diagnostics of breast pathology with a program of preventive examinations of women breast, ultrasound and mammography, and ultrasound examinations of organ systems with doppler diagnostics), urology (diagnosis and treatment of male infertility causes and treatment of infections with the pathology of the male reproductive tract), anesthesiology, plastic surgery (corrective action of external genitalia), dermatology (consultative treatment of venereal diseases, hormone-induced dermatological diseases, systemic syndromes with dermatological manifestations) and pediatrics (monitoring of child development from neonates to school ages).

The priority in our daily work is to monitor the achievements of science and active participation in our own research. The results of these efforts, we presented at national and international congresses ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology) and ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), in the form of oral and poster presentations. We gain operating skills and improve ourselves in the world-renowned centers, according to a plan of continuous staff training. As the initiators and organizers, we have a series of medical educational activities in our city and it’s provinces, on the subject of contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases among young people, the education of women of reproductive age in order to maintain their health and the prevention of cervical cancer. In cooperation with the Assembly of Vojvodina, we help couples with reduced reproductive capacity through our program of spontaneous cycle and natural insemination, contributing to the fight against the white plague in the province.

Plan for further development of Perinatal Care is training and raising the quality of services, expanding range of activities, the introduction of technological innovation, educating specialists and permanently open try-outs for the recruitment of young doctors with the intention of referring them to the specialization (currently we have employed three for that purpose), accreditation of institution, modernization of clinic, expanding the accommodation of recumbent patients and we eagerly await the babies "our" first babies.

The founder and head of the expert team
Dr Gordana Kozarov, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics