The area of medical science that deals with human endocrine system and diseases of the components of this system, i.e. the glands and/or hormones, is called endocrinology. The endocrine system is one of the major systems in the human body responsible for communication, controling and coordinating various processes in the body. The endocrine system together with the nervous and reproductive system, kidneys, intestines, liver and pancreas controls and regulates:

  • The level of physical energy;
  • Reproduction;
  • Growth and development;
  • Homeostasis;
  • Body response to the environment, stress and injury.


Clinic Perinatal in the field of endocrinology provides the service of:
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes,
  • Thyroid disease,
  • Obesity,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Hypertension and
  • Lipid disorders.

As the body weight is an important factor in a healthy lifestyle, its regulation in Clinic Perinatal is achieved under supervision of our endocrinologist. With each visit to an endocrinologist you will the opportunity to get complementary measure of bone density.